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Heinrich Dressel - Ward VIII Tape Album       Barba - HR - 2017

This album took inspiration from a night tour in the abandoned "Padiglione XVIII - Santa Maria Della Pieta (Roma)"

      Heinrich Dressel - The Styx Swamp


Heinrich Dressel - The Styx Swamp (Perseus Traxx Remix) 12"        Barba - HR - 2017

Roman producer (and a force behind MinimalRome label) Valerio Lombardozzi known as Heinrich Dressel returns to Barba with a second release for the croatian label, titled "The Styx Swamp"

      Heinrich Dressel - The Styx Swamp


Heinrich Dressel - Space Wave Shaft (MA Spacenti Remix) 12"        Slow Motion - IT - 2016

Three tracks of dreamy, sleazy space-funk delivered with a light touch across expansive musical horizons. Backed up with a brace of Ma Spaventi versions ( ‘disco’ and ‘chill’).

      Space Wave Shaft - Heinrich Dressel


Composite Profuse - Unalaska Ice Files 12"          Shipwrec - NL - 2016

Cold winds curl and otherworldly atmospheres abound for Unalaska Ice Files. Arctic tundra and ice are the inspiration, frozen vistas dappled with warming light, subtle shifts and sinister shades.

      Unalaska Ice Files - Composite Profuse


Heinrich Dressel - Waldeinsamkeit LP Tape          Electronique - IT - 2016

Split album on tape from Ian Martin (NL) and Heinrich Dressel (ITA). A compendium of drone dark ambient soundtrack filled with analog synthesizers drama.

      Waldeinsamkeit (chapter 4) - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Mons Testaceum LP 12"          Mannequin - DE - 2016

Originally released by Legowelt’s Strange Life in 2007, “Mons Testaceum” finally has its first vinyl press. Part one of the "Studium Amphorae" trilogy with MR011 and SLR035.

      The Dawn from the top of the Hill - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Lurking Underwater 12"          Barba - HR - 2015

"It’s like a halfway house between Drexciya and Legowelt at his most pensive. Tadd Mullinix contributes with a remix of the title track under his JTC guise".

      Lurking Underwater - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Waterproof Theory  12"       Frustrated Funk - NL - 2014

Heinrich Dressel explores aquatic territories below the surface of mud streams that rise high in the Apennine Mountains and flow to find their way to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

      Vocal Intro - Heinrich Dressel


Francesco Clemente & Heinrich Dressel - Il Faro CD Album  MinimalRome - IT- 2014

The two artists cross the sea of sounds where everything is permitted. Dressel brings the listener to an eternal struggle between darkness and light, comfort and despair.

      Radiofaro Alfa - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - The House of the Rising Synth 12"  Bordello a Parigi - NL - 2013

Dressel sucks you into a movie full of pain and misery. The most sinister euro crime and giallo mixed to a heart crushing thriller filled with synthesizer suspense.

      The Living Dead Via Crucis - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Out of the Blue / Thru the Fog  12"  Cyber Dance Records - UK - 2013

'Out Of The Blue', a deep throbbing monster of a jam full of psychedelic synths. 'Thru The Fog' pushes the rock-solid analogue weightiness into a Chicago-esque jack classic.

      Thru the Fog - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel Logo

Heinrich Dressel - Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves  12"  Mannequin - DE - 2012

Heinrich Dressel is celebrating the use of vintage synthesizers and driven electronic machines, holding elements of electro and ambient at the same time. 

      Sighing Melodies thru the Graves - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Vicolo Cieco 12" + CD Album  MinimalRome - IT - 2010

A compendium of crime-o-rama deliberate violence, with the Legowelt connivance. Maybe the first chapter of a new Dressel series? The cd version includes remixes from Polysick and Teslasonic.

      Bodoni 1977 - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Completion of the Amphoras Table CD Album  Strange Life Records - NL - 2009

Third and final chapter in the Amphoras Trilogy (with Mons Testaceum and Escape from the Hill). Beautiful Italian giallo-esque electronic music, this time going even more deeper!

      Back to Ripa Grande - Heinrich Dressel


Composite Profuse - The God's Bankers 12"  Data Disk - USA - 2009

Composite Profuse & Kobol Electronics were handpicked by veteran covert intelligence agent Wilhelm von Erwache to decode the encrypted archives of SISMI, the Italian Secret Service.

      Patience and Charcoals - Composite Profuse


Composite Profuse - Healthy Disease 12"  Bunker Records - NL - 2009

Third appearance for Valerio Lombardozzi on the mighty Bunker - Den Haag. Doppler effect-style electrofunk, red vinyl, limited to 100 copies!

      Linear Chaos - Composite Profuse


Heinrich Dressel - Escape From The Hill LP Album MinimalRome- IT - 2008

The second voyage of Heinrich Dressel. After the dawn from the top of the hill, a new awakening and the obscure encounter with the Roman Consul Servius Sulpicius Galba.

      Escape from the Hill - Heinrich Dressel


Heinrich Dressel - Mons Testaceum CD Album Strange Life Records- NL - 2007

Beautiful archeological soundtrack with touches from Goblin mixed with irresistable futuristic soulfunk synth solos.  All made with the legendary Elka Synthex synthesizer.

      Journey through the Caves under the Hill - Heinrich Dressel


Composite Profuse - Roma Aeterna 12" Bunker Records- NL - 2007

Dopplereffekt-style sinister robot electro by Valerio Lombardozzi, MinimalRome's head honcho. This is his first EP on Bunker - Den Haag.

      Kommando Amphora - Composite Profuse


Composite Profuse - My Old Red Car 12" MinimalRome- IT - 2007

Four-track EP by Composite Profuse. Vocoded intimate lyrics held by fat analogue basslines and oldschool electro rhythms. Warm and deep electronic music, straight outta Testaccio.

      Psycho Session - Composite Profuse


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